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Online Hazardous Waste Management

Posted by Rebecca McDaniel

Gregory Rosinski, Chemist II

Technology is like a pea shot from a straw, the more people that realize how exciting it is the more peas being shot. In years past it was only possible to manage hazardous waste through filing cabinets or floppy disks. With the advance in technology specifically “ADVISE” it is now possible to manage hazardous waste right on the internet.

One of Triumvirate Environmental’s pharmaceutical clients has jumped on board with Advise recently, and found that they can be completely connected to the hazardous waste program onsite while at home sick sipping Theraflu cold medicine. Advise helps to connect all of the collected hazardous waste chemicals entered into a program called “Wasteland” by onsite specialists, and then sends that information to a web based data base known as Advise. This information is then available to clients online from any computer connected to the internet.

The beauty of an Online Hazardous Waste Management program like Advise is the amount of possibilities it gives the client. Advise does more than just manage chemical waste it also will give report upon report to meet the needs of the individual asking for them. While online using Advise it is possible to search through inspections of Main Accumulation Areas (MAAs), Satellite Accumulation Areas (SAAs), and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBAs). It also gives the ability to see if everything onsite is compliant, and if there should be an area that was non-compliant a flag will be seen with the reason for non-compliance. Advise also allows for personalization of the application to a point. Meaning that if there are reports that do not meet the specific need those reports can then be tailored to help meet the new expectations.

Recently I was involved with a city wide disaster drill at a client’s site. This drill involved over a hundred people, and five different emergency response teams. One of the first questions the contact and I were asked by the fire department chief was how do you guys know what is in the Main Accumulation Area for Hazardous Waste. The answer was simple to the client and I, because we both knew that all waste onsite was managed through Advise. The chief was unfamiliar with the program, but once he learned we could go on his computer in his truck to check the MAA he was greatly intrigued.

Time will only tell where Online Hazardous Waste Management will go, but if it follows the trends of other technology sectors it will be great seeing Advise in the years to come consider how useful of a program it is now.