Are You Managing Your High-Haz Chemicals Properly? Take the Quiz to Find Out

With a variety of chemicals in most labs and several regulatory bodies to remain in compliance with, it's difficult to have a successful high-haz program.

We've created a 60 second quiz to help you decide if you're on the right track. Answer 6 multiple choice questions to find out if your high-haz chemical program stack up. 

Triumvirate Environmental manages its clients’ highly hazardous chemicals and waste streams throughout their lifecycle. Triumvirate designs custom programs around client needs and goals. Here are some of the things Triumvirate currently assists its clients with:

  • Chemical Assessments: Triumvirate identifies any and all potentially energetic materials that may pose a safety risk or need further management in the future. This assessment includes:
  • A walk through of lab-containing buildings
  • A chemical storage analysis
  • Chemical use questioning to optimize safety and storage practice.
  • High-Hazard Chemical Removal: Triumvirate has specially trained hazardous waste experts and top-of-the-line safety technology for safe removal of potentially explosive, unique and/or rare chemicals
  • Lab Personnel Safety Training
  • Program Creation and Management: Triumvirate assures all high-haz chemical are disposed of in a safe, timely manner, but also all practices are optimized for cost savings and waste minimization and sustainability goals.

Want to know more about how we can help you bring your high-haz management systems into complete compliance? Learn more about our services here.