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Risks/Rewards for a hospital using one source for all waste-streams.

By Bob Shuman, National Corporate Healthcare Director

Hospital organizations are now being sought after by some Waste Providers to "bundle" all of their waste-streams under one contract. This one-size fits all concept has certain risks and rewards that should be examined closely. This notion is becoming particularly popular with Hospital Senior Management. Let's discuss some of the implications of this concept, now.

Perceived Rewards - One provider, one invoice, one contact person, one culpable party when things go "bang in the night", one-stop shopping. Sounds good on paper...and may be good for the bottom line ("may" being the operative word).

Potential Risks -
No one waste provider manages, expertly, all waste-streams. No one waste provider actually services all waste-streams without "brokering" some portion of the business. No one waste provider can deliver technical and regulatory guidance on all waste streams.

So, at the end of the day you have to ask yourself, does convenience outweigh compliance?

It's your call...more to follow.