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Pregnancy in Research Laboratories: Keeping Your Facility Safe and Aware of Exposure Risks

Pregnant and nursing laboratory workers are at increased risk for development of infectious diseases, pregnancy complications, and fetal birth defects. This includes personnel who do not directly work with potential pathogens or chemicals, but may have exposure...
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Field Services, higher education, chemical inventory, Education, life sciences, technical services

Chemical Inventory: 5 Things Students Don’t Know

For educational institutions, it’s important that an EHS employee keep a proper inventory of all chemicals in your labs and facilities. Unfortunately, this job is often left up to work-study...

lab cleaning, Field Services, higher education, Education, life sciences, lab decontamination, technical services

Lab Decontamination Q&A With Industry Expert, John Wright

Several weeks ago, we hosted a webinar on how to do a lab decontamination step-by-step. Here's a transcription of all the questions asked and John's answers.

higher education, lab moves, Education, life sciences, lab decontamination, lab decommissioning, technical services

Doing A Lab Decontamination: The Process, Step-By-Step

Field Services, higher education, Education, peroxide former, technical services, life sicences

4 Ways You Could Be Mismanaging Your Peroxide Formers

Peroxide forming compounds are volatile materials, that if handled incorrectly can result in explosions, injuries and added expenses at your facility. Unfortunately, many organizations dealing with...

higher education, emergency response, EHS compliance, healthcare, Education, industrial, life sciences, technical services, reporting, EPCRA

Tier II Hazardous Chemical Inventory Reports Due!

Submission of the Tier II Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Report is required annually under Section 312 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA). The...

PCB, PCB remediation, Field Services, higher education, Education, technical services

PCBs Lead to Elementary School Closed Indefinitely

Clark School in Hartford, CT has been closed indefinitely after low levels of PCBs were discovered during routine testing to install a new sprinkler system. Though having a facility closed...

higher education, waste minimization, waste management, sustainablility, healthcare, Education, industrial, life sciences, technical services

Why Minimizing Your Company’s Waste Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Minimizing waste is a good thing to do because it’s sustainable. It helps the environment. It will make your company better, but initiating a waste minimization plan at your company could also be...

higher education, eh&s, university, lab safety, college, lab, safety audit

Lab Safety & Compliance: Is Your Back to School Checklist Complete?

Are your labs ready for students to come back from summer break? Your EH&S program should be ready to help you minimize liability, keep people safe, reduce your cost of managing waste, stay...

hazardous, disposal of hazardous waste, hazardous waste, EPA, Triumvirate Environmental, higher education, non-compliance, hospitals, compliance, state regulations, multi-media, multi-media survey, multi-media survey-A compliance Consideration for

Multi-Media Survey – A Compliance Consideration for Your Hospital

By Bob Shuman, National Corporate Director of Healthcare
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