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OSHA's Laboratory Standard: Customizing Your Chemical Hygiene Plan

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets standards for facilities to abide by to assure safe and healthy conditions in the working environment. While their mission is straightforward, sometimes organizations can overlook particular standards and...
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higher education, higher-ed, lab safety, lab safety. laboratory safety, laboratories, lab safety EH&S

Laboratory Safety: Creating a Policy for University Visitors

For the purpose of this post, please be aware that a "potentially hazardous work area" is defined as "any area where hazardous substances (e.g. hazardous chemicals, biohazardous agents, compressed...

lab safety. laboratory safety, lab relocation, lab moves, Education, life sciences, lab decontamination, lab decommissioning, technical services

Is your laboratory clean? Reduce liability with laboratory decommissioning

We hosted a lab decommissioning webinar featuring industry expert Craig Sasse. Find a copy of the slide deck used as well as the text below.

chemical management, high-hazard management, lab safety. laboratory safety, hazardous material management, hazmat management, hazmat handling

High-Hazard Chemical Safety: How to Prevent An Accident

The laboratory is an environment of innovation and discovery, but if risk isn’t managed properly, it can also be a dangerous place where employees are incessantly exposed to possible injury. To...
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