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healthcare, pharmaceutical waste management

Challenges with Pharmaceutical Waste Management in the Healthcare Industry

For more than a decade, the healthcare industry has grappled with confusing regulations around pharmaceutical waste management. These regulations can vary widely from state to state and have a big impact on organizational compliance. As regulations are constantly...
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waste minimization, waste minimization program, waste streams, healthcare, pharmaceutical waste management, waste management services

Q&A on Waste Stream Analysis with Industry Expert, Steve Todisco

Last week, we hosted a live webinar on waste stream analysis with undustry expert Steve Todisco. Here's a transcription of the live Q&A from the end of that webinar.  Pharmaceutical waste only...

waste disposal, decontaminate, UST, pharmaceutical waste, pharmaceutical waste management, ambulatory care, emergency showers, emergency department, decontamination shower, decon shower, emergency shower, contaminated, underground storage tank

Ambulatory Care

By Steve Todisco,  Healthcare Account Manager

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Safety and Security in Healthcare

By Steve Todisco, HEM, CHMM, Senior Healthcare Account Manager
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