COVID-19 Dormitory Quarantine Setup & Management

As the COVID-19 pandemic grabs hold of cities and communities around the US, healthcare facilities and personnel are being overwhelmed. To increase healthcare capacities to care for COVID-19 patients, many universities and colleges have stepped up to offer their facilities. This response from our universities and colleges is inspirational.

However, as universities and colleges partner with healthcare providers and local governments, there are many challenges in safely converting the facilities from student housing into medical care facilities for COVID-19 patients and/or housing for first responders. These efforts pose unique risks to front-line healthcare workers, and the greater communities at the campus. These risks arise from a shortage of expertise and the use of facilities that were not originally engineered for this purpose.    

Triumvirate Environmental has the expertise to support the safe transition from college dormitory to COVID-19 care facility or healthcare staff housing. Triumvirate has partnered with clients to offer our expertise in project management, infection control, working in potentially infectious environments, PPE protocols, disinfection, potentially infectious waste management and disposal, and emergency response to help keep everyone involved safe. We can provide the following support to safely convert, operate, and transition your campus facilities into COVID-19 healthcare facilities and back.

Advance Planning & Coordination

  • Provide infection control and hazard containment expertise in the design and conversion of the facility
  • Develop a site safety plan
  • Identify safe work zones (hot, warm, cold)
  • Write disinfection procedures for supplies, equipment, and PPE
  • Review appropriate PPE practices
  • Develop a plan for transitioning back to a residential space
  • Set up the mobile test facility
  • Establish safe waste handling practices

Operational Support

  • Review the site safety plan with team
  • Set up safe work zones (hot, warm, cold) for testing and support personnel
  • Support material disinfection throughout the day
  • Support the donning and doffing of PPE by front-line healthcare workers
  • Manage waste as it is generated
  • Provide daily disinfection services

Transition Back to Residential

  • Develop a transition plan to return the facility to a safe residential hall
  • Identify decontamination and disinfection needs
  • Perform decontamination and disinfection activities
  • Perform confirmation sampling that no virus persists
  • Package and dispose of all wastes safely and compliantly
  • Provide decontamination reports outlining efforts and results of disinfection

Triumvirate can assist in managing many of the operational and logistical components of these COVID-19 housing units to minimize exposure to your campus community.

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