COVID-19 Mobile Testing Site Support

With the ever-changing status of the COVID-19 pandemic, testing has become more prevalent and important in ensuring the safety of the public and stopping the spread of the virus. With the nature of this virus, institutions are striving to set up testing facilities where the contact between healthcare staff and those being tested is minimal, so many have turned to drive-up testing facilities. Drive-up testing facilities allow for many people to get tested while minimizing the contact between individuals at the testing location. However, front-line healthcare workers are still at extreme risk of contracting the virus while administering and processing the test.

Triumvirate has partnered with clients to offer our expertise in project management, infection control, working in potentially infectious environments, PPE protocols, disinfection, potentially infectious waste management and disposal, and emergency response to help keep front-line healthcare workers protected and mobile testing sites safe.  

We can provide the following support to safely operate your COVID-19 mobile testing site:

Advance Planning & Coordination

  • Develop a site safety plan
  • Set up the hierarchy structure for operation management
  • Establish safe work zones (hot, warm, cold)
  • Write disinfection procedures for supplies, equipment, and PPE
  • Review appropriate PPE practices
  • Set up the mobile test facility
  • Mobilize resources to handle waste generated during testing

Day of Testing Execution

  • Review the site safety plan with the mobile testing team
  • Set up safe work zones (hot, warm, cold) for testing and support personnel
  • Create barricades and barriers
  • Support material disinfection throughout the day
  • Support the donning and doffing of PPE by front-line healthcare workers
  • Manage waste as it is generated

Post-Testing Decontamination & Waste Management

  • Disinfect equipment and supplies
  • Disinfect hot and warm zones (areas of potentially viral contamination)
  • Handle and package waste at the site
  • Transport and dispose of potentially infectious waste

Triumvirate can manage many of the operational components of conducting these COVID-19 drive-up tests, enabling your EHS team to manage what matters most – the safety of front-line healthcare workers and others at the facility. 

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