Dot Hazmat

The Most Important Regulations Summarized and Simplified Into One Short Booklet.

The DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations provide requirements that must be followed by shippers, carriers, packaging manufacturers, testers and reconditioners. These requirements are revised October 1 each yearFailing to comply with these regulations puts people, property, and the environment at risk.

There are five bodies with the authority to enforce these regulations: FAA, FMCSA, FRA, PHMSA and the Coast Guard.

This guide will address:

  • Shipper's responsibility
  • Training requirements
  • Security planning 
  • Recordkeeping
  • Shipping and packaging



About the Author


Doug Graham, Senior EH&S Consultant and External Training Manager at Triumvirate Environmental, is a regulatory expert and trusted advisor to a number of diverse clients. In addition to advising clients on EH&S issues as they relate to best management practices and staying in compliance, Doug has also spent the last 22 years providing regulatory training to professionals involved in hazardous materials handling, shipping and waste generation.

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