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Staying in compliance while cutting cost

Posted by Rebecca McDaniel on Nov 17, 2009 7:39:00 AM

By Joseph Shupp, Chemist II

The economic slump that the economy is currently in has forced industries, especially smaller scale companies, to evaluate where they are financially and where they need to be to stay in business. Our industry of hazardous waste management and disposal is heavily driven by meeting regulatory standards. One of the many regulations that we all must follow is having the proper training that we need to do our jobs. Not only must we attend training and receive a certificate, but we also must re-certify on a pre-determined time frame. These trainings are rarely located in our backyard and have numerous cost associated with attending the training. Flights, meals, and hotel rooms are an overhead cost that is tough to cover when your company is cutting budgets and evaluating every penny that is spent.

The solution is to bring the desired training topics to your office. Web seminars and web based training modules are becoming an increasing popular item among companies who need to stay up to date with training regiments, but cannot necessarily afford to send all of there employees to external training centers. These web based programs meet all required regulatory aspects. Some of the trainings include videos and interactive modules to utilize a more hands on approach. In some cases the programs are broken up into sections which allow the trainee to work at there own pace. Upon completion of the modules a test will most likely follow. Once the test is passed a certificate can either be printed directly from the web page or an official certificate is mailed to the person testing. After it is all finished the two basic goals where achieved; training requirements are satisfied, and money has been saved.

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