Patient Care Risk Assessment (PCRA)

Triumvirate provides step-by-step guidance through the Joint Commission requirements on healthcare demolition, construction and renovation. The Joint Commission requires that all projects assess risk associated with air quality, infection control, noise, vibration, utility interruptions and any other activity that may affect patient care.

Risk Assessment Program Assistance

With assistance from Triumvirate, your healthcare organization can assess and sustain construction and demolition activities without having to pause your activity or growth.

We will:

  • Assess risk and interim life safety measures, and then make recommendations for your specific program and policies
  • Assist in writing and implementing policies and procedures around healthcare construction
  • Verify that field conditions mirror your current policies and procedures, and that they are compliant with Joint Commission standards

On-site Support

Triumvirate offers a variety of on-site support services to assist you with Joint Commission compliance. To quickly summarize on-site information and record actionable data from your projects, we offer ADVISETM, a unique data collection and management system.

We will:

  • Conduct on-site inspections of contractors and projects
  • Plan and implement risk assessment programs to meet infection control guidelines
  • Implement and manage Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) for construction projects
  • Track and sort on-site collection data for upper-management reports
  • Conduct job box, and infection control trainings
  • Communicate policies and procedures among your nurses, project management team, and contractors