EH&S Solutions for Large Biotech & Pharma Firms

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As an established biotech or pharmaceutical enterprise, you are aware of the importance of environmental, health & safety programs and compliance. Your regulatory risks are significant and the cost of non-compliance can be substantial. It's critical that your EH&S plans and programs are reviewed and updated to reduce your risks, keep you compliant, and ensure business continuity. You're also interested in managing your EH&S programs cost effectively with the right mix of internal staffing and external support.

When did you last examine your EH&S programs? Are your EH&S programs:

  • Reviewed to ensure compliance and efficiency?
  • Updated to comply with regulations as you grow?
  • Integrated into your existing business systems to ensure functionality and continuity?

Triumvirate can provide as much or as little EH&S support as needed depending on your current staffing, needs and goals. Organizations looking for a high level of external support should ask about our EH&S Turnkey service program, which is customized for large biotech and pharmaceutical enterprises to help manage many or all of your EH&S programs.

EH&S Turnkey

For more than two decades, Triumvirate Environmental has developed and continuously improved the most comprehensive, technical and customer focused EH&S service offering available to the Life Sciences community. Our Life Science teams are comprised of highly educated, trained and skilled EH&S and compliance professionals specializing in working with biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Our EH&S Turnkey service program brings all of your EH&S needs under one roof to ensure business continuity, reduce risk, and minimize cost. EH&S Turnkey services include:

  • EH&S compliance support
  • EH&S operational support
  • Industrial wastewater operations
  • Chemical, biological and radioactive waste management & disposal
  • Training
  • Laboratory decontamination and decommissioning