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Are you confident in the respiratory protection you are providing your employees?

Providing personal protective equipment, such as N95 respirators, is unfortunately not enough to keep your employees safe. Triumvirate Environmental, however, can settle any apprehensions your staff may have about their own personal health and safety by providing proper fit-testing and respiratory protection expertise.

Per OSHA regulations, if employees are required to wear respirators in the workplace, the employer must develop a Respiratory Protection Program (RPP). A major component of a compliant RPP is fit-testing, a protocol that determines whether the respirator forms a proper tight seal around the employee’s mouth and nose. Without a documented fit-test from a trained professional, there is no way to know whether the respirator is actually filtering air to remove dangerous particles, or simply allowing the outside air in through small gaps—which are often invisible.  

Beyond proper, documented fit-testing, a truly protective respiratory program also includes exposure risk assessments, medical evaluations, training, and documentation. Triumvirate Environmental’s professionals are well-prepared to assist you and your staff with these required components, as well as provide higher-level guidance on the selection of appropriate respirators, HR policies, and OSHA enforcement during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Note that the proper use of N95 respirators in the workplace can eliminate the need to quarantine as a result of a close contact event with an infected employee.

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