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Profiles in Sustainability


"Sustainability" for Campbell Institute member companies is about more than just being green - it's also about protecting worker health and safety, and ensuring a profitable business for years to come. In this webinar, hear the findings from a recent Campbell Institute research study on corporate sustainability, and learn about the sustainability efforts of Institute members - what they're doing well and how they plan on becoming even better.

Watch to:

  • Think about sustainability in the context of the triple bottom line (social, environmental & financial)
  • Learn how safety and sustainability are correlated
  • Explore the different drivers of corporate sustainability, including increased efficiency, operational improvements, and business savings
  • Hear case studies from Campbell Institute member organizations


Speaker Profile

JoyInouye croppedJoy Inouye is the Research Associate for the Campbell Institute. She has worked on several research topics for the Institute including EHS leading indicators, risk perception, and contractor safety management. She is co-author of a recent journal article on leading indicators research and has co-presented on leading indicators at various conferences in the past year.

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