Hazardous chemical storage

Request a Tier II Reporting Consultation

Are you ready for the EPA’s March 1, 2019 deadline?

Tier II reports are required for facilities in the US that have and store hazardous chemicals above certain quantities. Companies must submit these reports annually by March 1. Failing to comply with the EPA’s Tier II reporting requirements can cost your organization up to $25,000 per violation per day in civil penalties.

The nuances surrounding various hazardous substances can make Tier II reporting more complicated and time consuming than it needs to be. Triumvirate’s experienced consultants have developed a thorough, methodical approach to help clients navigate this process accurately and without hassle.

To help you stay compliant, our consultants will conduct an onsite visit (for qualified companies) to discuss your needs, including:

  • Reviewing your hazardous chemical substances and where they are stored
  • Identifying the chemicals that are above the reporting threshold requirements 

Take the worry out of Tier II reporting. Complete the form or call us at 1-888-834-9697 to request a consultation.

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