EHS Regulatory Compliance in 2018 and the Changes That Lie Ahead

December 19, 2018 | 2pm ET

OSHA recently released its latest “Top 10” list of most frequently cited workplace safety violations. Hear our expert analyze the most common OSHA violations and the overall state of EHS regulatory compliance in 2018. As rule proposals are beginning to come out for 2019, stay ahead of the curve and find out what changes are possible in the coming year. Though it’s earlier in the process, it never hurts to get ahead of the game and prepare for future regulatory changes.

Attend this webinar for:

  • An analysis of regulatory compliance in 2018
  • Recommendations for avoiding regulatory citations and maintaining compliance
  • Insights into proposed rule changes to prepare you for 2019

Please note: All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance one week after the webinar.

Sorry! This webinar has passed. Please visit our on-demand archive for the recording.


About the Speaker

Mark Liffers is Practice Director of EHS Consulting at Triumvirate Environmental, where he provides on-site technical support and outsourced program management to a wide range of technology-based research, manufacturing and construction clients. His areas of technical expertise include Biosafety, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health and Safety, Radiation Safety, Construction Safety, Risk Assessment, EHS Auditing and Emergency Management. Mark has a Master of Science degree in Industrial Hygiene from the Harvard School of Public Health.