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Get a Grip on Your Chemical Inventory


Chemical inventory management is often a confusing and labor-intensive exercise. This webinar sheds light on how to build, operationalize, and improve a chemical inventory program. We will dissect the many nuances of a chemical inventory, and offer innovative, service-based solutions to help you successfully manage your chemical inventory program.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How to set program goals based on regulatory and organizational drivers for life sciences, higher education, and healthcare institutions
  • How organizational structure will impact your chemical inventory program
  • The tactical challenges of a successful chemical inventory program
  • The Triumvirate solution – from program design to operationalizing your program

Note: While a software solution is discussed, this webinar does not include a demo or provide an evaluation of chemical inventory software solutions.

Speaker Profile

Ian Lanza Headshot_2019-Square-1Ian Lanza is the Director of Onsite Support Services at Triumvirate Environmental where he is responsible for leading the company's onsite programs. This includes service quality, service innovation, sales and marketing, recruiting, and talent development.  Ian has designed and rolled out service programs all over the country including hazardous waste generator programs, regulated medical waste programs, waste minimalization programs, chemical inventory programs, and EHS training systems.  Ian also leads organizational efforts around employee recruiting, employee engagement, talent development, and leadership initiatives.  Ian and his teams’ partner with the world's premiere biotech and pharmaceutical, healthcare, and higher education institutions to build value through sustainability, safety, and environmental programs. 

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