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How to Improve Operational Efficiency Across Your Sharps & RMW Program


Managing sharps and regulated medical waste (RMW) can be a costly and complicated process for healthcare facilities. Staying OSHA and RCRA compliant is a top priority, in addition to keeping costs down and operational efficiency up. This webinar will teach you how to revamp your program in a way that streamlines your RMW process to boost safety, efficiency and cost savings.

Watch to:

  • Learn how to maximize container utilization and cleanliness
  • Gain strategies for improving interdepartmental communication and alignment, including EVS, Nursing, Infection Control, and Facilities
  • Identify best practices for training service support staff and nurses on proper procedures
  • Learn how to minimize patient and service disruption when changing vendors
  • Hear how other hospitals improved operational efficiency across their sharps and RMW programs

 Speaker Profile

JoeFazio_ForLinkedInJoseph Fazio Jr is Project Director of EHS Consulting at Triumvirate Environmental, where he provides on-site technical support and outsourced program management to healthcare clients. Areas of technical expertise include: Biosafety, Occupational Health and Safety, Radiation Safety, Risk Assessment, EHS Auditing and Emergency Management.

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