ISO Auditing: What Is It and Why Should You Consider It?


ISO auditing leads to improved company EHS culture, consistency, and team focus. When organizations conform to these ISO standards and obtain third-party ISO certification, it authenticates that they utilize standardized management systems to continuously improve Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental performance.

View this webinar for:

  • An understanding of what ISO auditing is and how can it be used to continuously improve your company’s current systems and operations in the applications of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Compliance
  • The benefits of developing and maintaining an ISO-certified program
  • The basic requirements of program development compliant to ISO standards
  • Tips and best practices to help you prepare for your ISO audit
  • Tips and best practices for setting, managing, and achieving your objectives and targets within these management systems
  • And more…

Speaker Profile

Calais Zumbach_squareCalais Zumbach is an Environmental, Health and Safety Consultant with Triumvirate Environmental. She has five years of EH&S experience within the industries of healthcare, higher education, life sciences, and manufacturing. In her role as Environmental, Health and Safety Consultant she has worked with clients in the healthcare and higher education industries to build, implement and maintain EHS programs on their behalf. She has performed formal audits of working spaces to ensure their safety and compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Additionally, she has created analytical reports and reduction plans surrounding onsite waste generation, promoting the reduction, reuse, and recycling of hazardous materials where ever safe and possible.

Rich Foote CurrentRick Foote has over 30 years of experience in the field of Environmental, Health & Safety and is currently Regional Director of EHS - New England for Triumvirate. Rick has been with Triumvirate for over 15 years where he has established dozens of successful EH&S programs for companies that had few or no systems in place. He brings client programs into full regulatory compliance by establishing what programs exist, what level of compliance is achieved, and identifying the changes that need to be implemented. Each EH&S program that Rick develops is customized to the individual client’s needs.


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