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Maximize Compliance & Cost Savings with Regular Preventative Maintenance


Environmental preventative maintenance is at the core of a first-rate facilities program. Watch this free webinar to learn how to optimize their environmental PM program to enhance regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of an emergency.

Key learning points:

  • Assess the risk of an environmental emergency and get tips on preventing emergencies through external and internal PM
  • Learn how, why and when you should conduct routine inspections
  • Strategies to maintain regulatory compliance using a PM schedule

Speaker Profile

KevinCoulon-18Kevin Coulon is the Regional Services Director for Field Services - Industrial for Triumvirate Environmental Inc.’s New England region. In this role, he manages the wastewater department, routine field service decontamination and onsite support. He also manages the Emergency Response program for all of New England overseeing the program and responses. Kevin, in his role, also provides assessments of facilities from a regulatory standpoint and provides a detailed report of findings to help clients reach full environmental and safety compliance. Having been with Triumvirate since 2005, Kevin also has experience as a branch manager, RCRA/DOT trainer, and an environmental specialist. Kevin holds a B.A. and a B.S. in Science Geography from Bridgewater State College.

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