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Measuring the Success of Your EHS Program: Are You Tracking These Key Performance Indicators?


You have taken the first step and implemented an EHS program in your workplace, but how do you know if the program is working? Do you fall short on meeting department and corporate goals? Do you know which metrics you should be tracking to ensure the success of your EHS program?

Like all programs, efficient EHS programs require data-driven decision making. Tracking the right EHS key performance indicators (KPIs) can help with staffing and budget decisions. EHS KPIs also allow you to track progress and achieve corporate goals. Reducing cost, improving compliance and sustainability, and maximizing safety are just some of the benefits of tracking important EHS KPIs.

View this webinar to:

  • Gain insight into the EHS KPIs you should be tracking
  • Hear tips on how to get organizational buy-in to ensure your metrics are tracked accurately
  • Learn how to apply use these metrics to make data-driven decisions for your EHS program

Speaker Profile

Sarah L_SquareSarah Lavorgna is the Regional Director of Life Science Operations – California at Triumvirate Environmental. She has 5 years of experience focusing on compliance in the life science industry. Sarah specializes in jumpstarting new accounts and scaling services appropriately whether she is working with a 10 person start up or a campus-sized facility. Throughout her career she has assisted many companies with implementing a culture change. Sarah has a bachelors in Geology and Environmental Science from the University of Maine – Farmington.

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