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Mercury Spills & How You Can Avoid Them


Mercury containing devices, such as old thermometers and barometers, can still be found in many institutions, but are they safe? Despite the fact that many of these devices are now obsolete, accidents do happen causing dangerous spills and costly emergency responses. A Triumvirate Environmental expert shares lessons learned from numerous mercury spill responses as well as proactive measures for eliminating the risk altogether.

Watch this webinar for:

  • An overview of mercury and its many uses
  • Methods to measure mercury vapor and exposure levels
  • Guidance for cleaning up a mercury spill and performing a thorough remediation
  • Strategies for removing mercury containing devices safely and effectively

Speaker Profile

Miller-7Ryan Miller is an Environmental Engineer at Triumvirate Environmental, where he has conducted numerous environmental engineering projects and remedial response actions, including tank removals and closure reports, laboratory and facility decontaminations, hazardous building materials identification and building demolition oversight, all in accordance with federal, state and local environmental regulations. Mr. Miller has also carried out engineering consulting services, remedial system operation and maintenance, building material inspections (asbestos, PCB's, mercury, lead etc.) and emergency spill response work throughout his career. He has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

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