New Chemical Inventory System:
How Do I Make This Work?

Originally presented on August 26, 2020

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, running a safe and organized business operation is a goal shared by many. Specifically, organizations that operate lab facilities cannot afford to have unnecessary disruptions to their workplace, their employees, and their lab’s inventory. To do so, there has been a recent push for organizations to start utilizing and maintaining a reliable chemical inventory management software system. The days of trying to manually manage a lab’s chemical inventory via binders and spreadsheets are nearly gone. And yet a common frustration among program managers who have taken the time to convert their old inventory processes to a software-based system is “I’ve put all my inventory and safety data sheets online, but what does it take to make this work long-term?”

In this webinar, our very own Roan Biron, Systems Project Manager for Triumvirate Environmental, answers just that as well as unpacks a variety of other questions around chemical inventory management and offers solutions on how to develop, launch, and manage a reliable software-based chemical inventory program. Listen in to hear how a chemical inventory management system can be a key step in helping your organization operate effectively and safely during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

View this webinar to:

  • Learn the latest industry standards and trends for chemical inventory across Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Education markets
  • Understand the scope of a successful chemical inventory program
  • Define and explore the concept of drift
  • Learn how and when to reconcile your chemical inventory
  • Gain insight on how to manage a reliable chemical inventory during the Covid-19 pandemic


About the Speaker

Roan Biron

Roan Biron
Systems Project Manager
Triumvirate Environmental

Roan is Triumvirate’s Systems Project Manager for EHS Technologies. As the industry turns to software more and more to fulfill compliance needs, they have been providing guidance to laboratories in many deployments of technology solutions. Roan hails from Virginia Tech where they hold a BS in Business Information Technology. With a background in business IT, they understand the perspective of software developers trying to build and support software products. And with years of in-the-field experience in EHS operations and compliance, they also get the ins and outs of how laboratories operate. They have years of experience taking the lead to plan, develop, launch, and manage chemical inventory and SDS programs for TEI partners, as well as other EHS programs that utilize software-specific solutions, like waste tracking and training management. 

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