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The (Hidden) Dangers of Sodium Azide


An odorless and colorless salt, sodium azide can be very toxic – even explosive. Exposure to just a small amount can lead to physical health effects. This webinar will delve into sodium azide uses, guidelines for storage and handling, and remediation procedures for contaminated waste pipe to ensure a safe work environment.

Watch for:

  • An overview of sodium azide, including its chemical properties, potential hazards and where it can be found
  • Tips for properly handling, storing and disposing of sodium azide
  • A detailed explanation of sodium azide remediation, including NIOSH decontamination procedures for laboratory waste pipe
  • Case study examples of sodium azide remediation in action

Speaker Profiles

Miller-7Ryan Miller is an Engineering Project Manager at Triumvirate Environmental, where he has conducted numerous environmental engineering projects and remedial response actions, including tank removals and closure reports, laboratory and facility decontaminations, hazardous building materials identification and sodium azide remediation, all in accordance with federal, state and local environmental regulations. Mr. Miller has also carried out engineering consulting services, remedial system operation and maintenance, building material inspections (asbestos, PCB's, mercury, lead etc.) and emergency spill response work throughout his career. He has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

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