Biosafety Cabinet Open House

Discover innovation in biosafety cabinets (BSCs) and join us at our free BSC Open House Event hosted by New England Lab and proudly sponsored by Triumvirate Environmental and Labconco. Don't miss this chance to network with like-minded professionals and industry leaders while enjoying delicious food and a tour of the New England Lab facility.

Wherever you are in your BSC journey, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of BSC maintenance and lifecycle management from turnkey service providers. Discover insights from experts on management, certification, decontamination practices, and more. 

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About Triumvirate Environmental

For decades, Triumvirate Environmental has been providing environmental, health, and safety (EHS) services to world-renowned organizations to help them reduce waste, save money, stay safe and compliant, manage risk, and protect their reputation. Triumvirate Environmental offers various services such as waste management, biosafety cabinet decontamination, onsite support services, lab relocation, and more.

About New England Lab

Established in 1990, New England Lab specializes in laboratory furniture, prioritizing quality, service, and value. Their continuous growth is built on understanding clients' requirements, vision, and budget. The team's expertise in design and installation, coupled with internal manufacturing and a robust partner network, ensures timely and tailored solutions. Committed to completing projects on time and within budget, they offer comprehensive support from design to material selection, aiming to furnish cutting-edge laboratories for the research, medical, and scientific communities. 

About Labconco

With a rich history of over 90 years, Labconco commits to unwavering ethical standards, prioritizing stakeholder well-being in every decision and product. Ensuring accountability and integrity, Labconco crafts each laboratory equipment piece as a dedicated shield. Expect genuine human interactions and expert support from a knowledgeable team with years of experience. The company is devoted to truthfulness, conducting rigorous testing and transparently sharing results. Labconco's promise encompasses friendliness, knowledge, and transparency—a testament to its genuine care for those it serves.

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