Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Certification & Decontamination

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Triumvirate Environmental’s specialists offer years of experience decontaminating critical, sensitive, and specialized research equipment. They also conduct annual BSC certifications according to NSF/ANSI Standard 49—this ensures proper environmental, personnel, and product protection.

But we do more than just clean your biological equipment: our specialists fully partner with you. They can troubleshoot problems in the field to get to the root of BSC operational issues. They also create and implement procedures to prevent future contamination and protect equipment integrity.

Team members can make on-site repairs and replace appliance components. They support all filtered equipment, including appliances from Airflotek, Baker, Mystaire, NuAire, Mystaire, AirClean Systems, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Avantor, Esco, and Labconco.

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BSC Certificate & Testing

We offer biological decontamination services—and perform NSF/ANSI 49 standard BSC testing and certification for all cabinet types. Request a free BSC consultation with our experts today.

Our standard BSC certification includes:


Air Velocity Testing: This documents and obtains an acceptable airflow and calculated total cubic feet per minute (CFM) volume, meeting manufacturer specifications.


HEPA Filter Integrity Testing: Performed to ensure no leakage in excess of 0.01% of the upstream challenge concentration, as well as to document acceptable performance.

Group 261

Visualization of Airflow Testing: Uses a smoke pattern assessment to visually identify airflow throughout the cabinet and ensure there are no "dead spots" or unusual areas.


Additional Testing (as needed): Particle Count Classification, Viable Environmental Sampling, Sound Level Testing, Florescent Light Testing, Ultra-Violet Light Testing, Electrical Testing, Vibration Testing, and Temperature/Humidity Testing.

BSC Decontamination Services

BSCs, fume hoods, and similar appliances are essential to research—and contamination prevention is essential to support experiment integrity and production excellence. Proactive BSC maintenance prevents contamination, malfunctions, or operational disruptions. That's why we provide routine decontamination, maintenance, repairs, and filter replacements for all BSC types. We summarize our decontamination approach below:

  •  It’s fast and safe (completed in 3-4 hours) so we can decontaminate six or more BSCs in one day.

  • It relies on chlorine dioxide, a "true gas," preventing condensation problems. Chlorine dioxide gas is NSF/ANSI Standard 49 validated for BSC decontamination.

  • Our embedded charcoal gas-scrubbing unit enables technicians to remove chlorine dioxide without external venting, which prevents the formation of hazardous waste residue. 

  •  Our team members remove all internal and accessible components, as well as any debris, and perform disinfectant solution cleaning.

  • Our service capabilities exceed those of most of our competitors. For instance, during decontamination, our specialists identify and analyze the materials that the BSCs they are cleansing process. This way, they can apply the most effective decontamination processes.

Routine Maintenance

Schedule Routine Maintenance and Repair

A proactive maintenance approach will keep your BSCs running at top performance levels. We provide routine decontamination, maintenance, repairs, and filter replacements for all BSC types. Contact our team to schedule a routine that includes:

  • Decontamination of surfaces on a weekly, monthly, or other routine basis

  • Bi-annual full decontamination

  • Full decontamination between operational changes

  • Full decontamination for relocation from one room/building to another

  • Full decontamination when any contamination is identified

  • BSC filter replacements

  • BSC repairs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Just getting started? Or perhaps you require some more detailed information? Below we provide answers to common questions.

What does the BSC certification process include?

This ensures your appliance meets NSF/ANSI Standard 49, providing proper environmental, personnel, and product protection. We provide expert certification services.

Why is air velocity testing essential for BSC certification?

This ensures a BSC maintains proper airflow and meets its manufacturer's safe working environment specifications.

Do you perform BSC repairs?

Yes, as part of our routine maintenance services, we provide repairs and filter swaps for all BSC types, ensuring their optimal performance.

What is involved in air velocity testing during BSC Certification?

Air Velocity Testing documents and verifies acceptable airflow and total CFM volume in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

What is a BSC certificate?

This ensures your BSCs meet NSF/ANSI Standard 49, providing proper environmental, personnel, and product protection. We offer expert certification services.

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