Biological Safety Cabinets: Compliance, Decontamination & Certification

Originally presented on September 21, 2021

Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) play a crucial role in biological research and technology. Ensuring BSCs are clean and running properly is an essential part of quality assurance and environmental, health, and safety.  

Professional biological decontamination services, including NSF/ANSI 49 standard biological cabinet testing and certifications, ensures cabinets are safe and compliant. A standard BSC certification includes air velocity testing, HEPA filter integrity testing, visualization of airflow testing, and alarm function testing. It is important to be aware of additional issues that may arise when maintaining a BSC program, such as pressure differentials, cabinet functionality, sash functions, alarms, and error codes.   
View this webinar to learn:
  • When decontamination and certification are necessary
  • The most effective approach for decontamination and certification 
  • The signs and symptoms that decontamination, certification, maintenance, or repair may be necessary
  • And more!

About the Speaker:

Ryan MillerRyan Miller is an Engineering Project Manager at Triumvirate Environmental, where he has worked for over 13 years conducting numerous environmental engineering projects and remedial response actions, including laboratory and facility decontaminations, gas disinfections, SARS-CoV-2 disinfections, hazardous building materials identification, AutoCAD design, and emergency spill response. He has a B.S. Environmental Engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

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