Biotech EHS Programs Risk Failure Without the Right People: Don't Skimp on Talent!

Originally presented on June 6, 2024

The life science industry faces major challenges across the board, including a slump in M&A, lack of funding, patent expiration, growing compliance demands, and a tight labor market.

While dealing with these headaches, biotech managers may be tempted to skimp on securing and keeping top environmental, health, and safety (EHS) talent. But this is a mistake—potentially a fatal one for organizations looking to safely and efficiently innovate, go to market, or maintain competitiveness.

Attend this webinar to learn how:
    • Major systemic changes are challenging the biotechnology market
    • Hiring full-time employees for EHS operations is risky and expensive
    • Short-changing EHS operations is a way to ensure disaster—particularly when it comes to securing top talent

About the Speakers:

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Mike Albert is an EHS Director and EHSOne® Program Owner at Triumvirate Environmental, focusing on business growth, sustainability, and compliant program management. An EHS industry veteran of 14-plus years, he specializes in delivering exceptional client service and strategic solutions to any size organization needing support.

jtilden crop resize for hubspotJudy Tilden is the Triumvirate Environmental Director of Life Sciences for the Professional Services. In her role, she focuses on helping organizations with their compliance and efficiency needs. With 20-plus years of experience in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) industry, Judy specializes in rolling out and overseeing programs that best serve a client’s specific operations, needs, and goals.

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