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Sustainability, EHS, Higher-Ed, Healthcare, Laboratories, Life Sciences

Reduce Energy Consumption, Costs, and Environmental Impact in Your Lab

*Editor's Note: We are happy to feature this guest blog from the My Green Lab team. My Green Lab, a non-profit environmental organization with a mission to build a global culture of sustainability in science, works to introduce both new perspectives and proven best...
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EHS, Training, EHS Training Programs, Safety, Trainings, RCRA

RCRA Training Requirements - 'It Depends'

We continue our EHS and compliance training deep-dive series here, with a discussion of RCRA training regulations. The next stop on our deep dive into common environmental, health, and safety (EHS)...

Sustainability, Non-Hazardous Waste, Recycling, waste reduction

4 Great Reasons to Donate Non-Hazardous Waste with Nonprofits

Is your business committed to sustainability, creating a circular economy, or some similar green initiative? If so, the donation of unwanted inventory to local nonprofits can be an excellent way to...

Environmental Health and Safety, Safety, Safety Culture, Workplace Safety

Cancer Prevention: Safety Best Practices Keep Employees Healthy

February was 2024’s National Cancer Prevention Month. Now is the time to consider best practices to help better protect employees from cancer-causing hazards in the workplace. Cancer, in its various...

EHS, Training, EHS Training Programs, Safety, Trainings, Hazardous Waste Management, Hazardous Waste

Bloodborne Pathogens Training Keeps Your People Safe

In this second blog of ourEHS and compliance training deep-dive series, we discuss the aspects of bloodborne pathogens training. Human blood poses unique and serious risks to workers across...

Inspections, Lab chemicals, Lab Safety

Lab Managers: How to Keep Your Cool for Lab Fire Code Compliance

Laboratory fire code safety compliance is crucial. Its importance, especially to life sciences, healthcare, and higher education laboratories, is only going to grow. Unfortunately, many operational...

Hazardous Materials, Industrial Hygiene

Cold Sterilant Exposure: Know the Risks

Cold sterilants, a class of non-bleach liquid sporicidal disinfectants, have been used for many years to control microbial contamination in R&D and manufacturing industries. Using these compounds in...

Sustainability, Compliance, EHS Management

ESG, Sustainability, Reporting Frameworks, and the Real World of Compliance

It’s 2024, and many companies remain confused or slow off the block as they try to launch sustainability programs. They are also baffled while simultaneously attempting to roll out environmental,...

Hazardous Waste Management

What Constitutes Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste is a term thrown around often—but do all of us who use the phrase really know what exactly it refers to? Maybe not. To cut through the confusion and help ensure full compliance, we...

Chemicals, Higher-Ed, Chemical Inventory, Chemical Safety

5 Steps to Higher Education MAQ Compliance

In the past 12 months, we’ve fielded many questions from colleges and universities, big and small, from across the country, to help them comply with maximum allowable quantity (MAQ) requirements.
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