Closing the Loop: Achieving Your Sustainable Waste Disposal Goals

Originally presented on February 6, 2024

Zero-waste-to-landfill is something that most organizations dream of but few know how to successfully achieve. The truth is, with so much waste of so many different streams, being generated on a daily basis at a facility, it can often seem like sustainable waste disposal methods are few and far between. The key to working through these challenges starts with a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the life cycle of the products an organization produces or uses within their operations. This approach can provide key insight into where sourcing and disposal is misaligned and help you make choices that "close the loop" to create a more circular economy for these materials.

Attend this webinar to learn:
    • What the terms "zero-waste-to-landfill," "life cycle analysis (LCA)," and "circular economy" really mean
    • How to get closer to your waste disposal and sustainability goals
    • Why a product's life isn't over when you "throw it away"
    • And more!

About the Speaker:

NBarbera Crop resize

Nick Barbera is Corporate Manager of Sustainability & Innovation at Triumvirate Environmental, working out of our Pennsylvania facility. Leveraging his vast industry experience, he collaborates with clients to address their sustainability needs. 

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