Lab Fire Code Compliance Crucial for Safe, Steady Operations

Originally presented on January 18, 2024

Fire codes are crucial for the safe operation of labs. When working in labs, researchers rely on electrical appliances and volatile chemicals, as well as fire and gases, making them potentially dangerous places.

However, all too often, managers and staff members don’t know all the risks. Nor do they realize that fire codes even exist—forget about fully complying with them. But, it’s crucial to be fully informed on—and in compliance with—the pertinent fire codes in your facilities. Preparation and knowledge will prevent a failed fire marshal inspection or a worse outcome (such as an operational shutdown or disaster).

If you have doubts about your compliance status, view our on-demand webinar: “Lab Fire Code Compliance Crucial for Safe, Steady Operations.” In it, compliance expert Eric Littlefield explains how:

  • Skipping full fire safety code compliance is risky—as a fire marshal can shut down a noncompliant lab or worse (safety gaps could result in an accident)
  • The risks are greatest in laboratories that apply solvents—or perform cell research with highly flammable chemicals and cultures
  • When stored in bulk, some substances create greater risk of mishap
  • Post-COVID, workers are returning to labs and facilities—and fire marshals and inspectors are more diligent in their inspections than ever
  • Fire marshals and inspectors also are becoming even more rigid in their enforcement of the rules
  • Lab shutdowns can be disastrous—they can mean fines, loss of productive time, as well as damage to employee morale—while harming brand image
  • To better understand what the fire codes generally cover—and avoid the usual noncompliance oversights and errors
  • Managers must also understand abatement, fire control, and other safety and remediation measures 

About the Speaker:

Eric Littlefield

Eric Littlefield is an environmental, health, and safety (EHS) consulting manager for Triumvirate Environmental. He has more than 12 years of experience in occupational safety and health. In his current role, he works closely with life sciences, healthcare, educational, and industrial clients to ensure their EHS programs are efficient and compliant.


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