Laboratory Safety in Biomanufacturing

Originally presented on June 21, 2023

Building upon or moving from a research and development-only space to a facility that also undertakes biomanufacturing presents unique safety challenges. Development of a holistic safety program for the entire life cycle of a product—initial production, processing, and finishing—is important not only for patient safety, but also for the personnel who work in these spaces and the local environment.  

This webinar will address:
  • Differences between small-scale and large-scale risk assessments (biosafety, chemical hygiene, process safety, pressurized vessels, and confined spaces)
  • Analysis of facility design and protocols to accommodate for all product and waste streams generated 
  • Local and state permitting requirements
  • Emergency response and spill clean-up
  • And more!

About the Speaker:

Linz HeadshotBrandon Linz, PhD, RBP is the EHS Director of Biosafety for Triumvirate Environmental. He is a Registered Biosafety Professional and holds a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology—with a concentration in infectious agents and high containment facilities. Brandon has over 11 years of biological safety, research, and academic experience and manages a skilled team of delivery consultants at Triumvirate Environmental. 

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