Case Study

Partner First, Vendor Second

Executing a Successful Transition at a Global
Pharmaceutical Company

The Challenge

A global pharmaceutical company was searching for a new waste management vendor that would help advance its organizational goals. The company wanted a partner, not just a service provider. However, they were nervous about the transitional impact that could take place at each of their locations given how ingrained their current vendor was on site.

The Transition Plan

Triumvirate Environmental has successfully conducted numerous vendor transitions and understands the need to be flexible in our approach. We responded to the company’s RFP for waste disposal, onsite environmental support services, and emergency response services. As with all new opportunities, we developed a transition plan for the company. Once the work was awarded to Triumvirate, our team quickly mobilized to execute it.

Triumvirate started by assessing the firm’s facilities to identify the site layout, EHS and security protocols, key personnel, waste generating labs/facilities and storage rooms, loading docks, freight elevators, emergency response plans, waste collection and storage process, and access points. After this evaluation, Triumvirate developed and implemented a routine compliance management program.

Following the initial assessment, Triumvirate:

  • Met with the organization’s EHS team to review program improvements and ways to implement them without disturbing current workflows.
  • Implemented ADVISETM, our proprietary waste management and compliance software, at all of the company’s sites. This implementation included the inspection module, barcoding system, profile module, and reporting structure. The software also integrated with their current environmental tracking system.
  • Presented a plan to implement redesigns and improvements within the MAAs and SAAs to increase efficiencies and maintain compliance. We also set up collection best management practices, such as VOCLok quick connects for waste containers. (Our VOCLok HPLC solvent waste collection system prevents exposure to toxic solvents and ensures RCRA compliance.)
  • Created new profiles that allow for material to be bulked together for disposal to increase space in the MAA.
  • Created a routine summary to ensure transparency within the organization; for example, our SOP for performing work on site integrated with their waste collection SOP.
  • Set up routine inspections of spill kits, eye wash safety showers, and fire extinguishers.
  • Established routine team meetings to keep improving the program.
  • Established a redundancy plan to ensure business continuity should the existing vendor cease communication after receiving a termination notice.

Positive Organizational Impact

Triumvirate delivered a seamless transition with no gaps in compliance. Our proactive approach made the pharmaceutical company’s EHS team feel comfortable switching to a partner that puts their interests and organizational goals first. By keeping the company’s goals at the forefront, we were able to identify new ways to increase sustainability and build out a best-in-class program. Upon receiving their termination notice, the company’s existing vendor decided not to return to the site – but thanks to the transition plan Triumvirate put in place, we were able to staff the site without the employees noticing any gap in service.


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