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DEA Controlled Substance Management & Disposal

Assured and Final Destruction of DEA Controlled Substances

Triumvirate Environmental DEA Registration Number: RT0576198

With over 30 years of managing pharmaceutical waste, we pride ourselves as a reliable, safe and trusted partner to our customers. Now as a DEA-Approved Reverse Distributor, we can offer full management and disposal of your company's controlled substances. It is not worth the headaches of facing costly federal and state penalties or worth the risk of causing harm to your community with improper disposal. Let our trained and licensed personnel manage the entire process for you, from pick-up at your site, to transportation, to an assured and final destruction with required paperwork.

Our Management & Disposal Process

  • We manage & dispose ALL DEA controlled substances:
    • Controlled substances per schedules I-V (CI-CV)
    • Mixed DEA and RCRA regulated waste
    • Drum quantity DEA controlled substances
    • Out-of-date, off-spec, and returned products
    • Illicit drugs from law enforcement
    • And more!
  • Our DEA waste management is affordable and easy, from frequent consultations, to collection, segregation, packaging, labeling, manifesting, transport, and final disposal.
  • For DEA waste disposal, we take full chain-of-custody ownership and provide all DEA-required documentation & reporting (i.e. DEA Form 222, DEA Certificate of Destruction). You can choose from:
    • Onsite removal: A licensed professional will verify, package, secure for disposal, prepare for destruction, safely transport, and witness destruction.
    • Shipping waste: We will send appropriate containers and materials to your facility where your team can pack, secure and ship the waste directly to a designated Triumvirate Environmental location for secure destruction.
  • We offer same-day destruction.

Why Choose Us?

We have a team of experts dedicated to controlled substance management, compliant with all EPA and DEA regulations. With Triumvirate Environmental as your DEA controlled substance partner, you can expect:

  • A compliant, efficient, and cost-effective process
  • A completed end-of-life (EOL) process
  • Secured and verifiable destruction
  • Reduced and/or avoided regulatory penalties and no costs
  • Enforced security protocols
  • Productive, long-term, customer-intimate services

A Trusted Partner To:

  • Pharmaceutical Compounders & Manufacturers
  • Life Science Organizations (Biotech Companies)
  • Hospitals & Medical Offices
  • Higher Education Research Labs
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