Industrial Hygiene Services

The Importance of an Industrial Hygiene Program

Industrial hygiene focuses on recognizing, evaluating, and controlling various factors that can affect people’s health. An industrial hygiene program is key to protecting workers’ health and safety and to staying compliant with OSHA regulations as well as non-regulatory standards (such as ACGIH, NIOSH, and ANSI). You also will protect your organization’s reputation by maintaining a safe workplace.

Our Certified Industrial Hygienists and highly trained environmental consultants provide expertise and support to help you create and maintain a successful industrial hygiene program.

Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Services

Our industrial hygiene services cover numerous areas to help you ensure a safe workplace and healthy employees.

  • Employee Occupational Exposure Assessments (Chemical, Biological, Radiation)
    • Active pharmaceutical ingredients
    • High potency compounds and chemo drugs
    • Viable particle sampling
    • Nanoparticles
    • Animal allergens
    • Cleaning and disinfection operations
    • PPE
  • Assessments and Certifications
    • Noise and vibration
    • Indoor air quality
    • Heat and cold stress
    • Unusual work schedules
  • Respiratory Protection
    • Training
    • Qualitative and quantitative fit testing
  • Risk Assessments
    • Laboratory, pilot scale, and manufacturing
    • Control banding
    • Off-site service operations
  • Ventilation Studies
    • Laboratory, pilot scale, and manufacturing
    • Control banding for exposure control
    • Fugitive emission control
    • Dust explosion assessment and control
  • Audits and Inspections
    • Laboratory safety, biosafety, and radiation safety program evaluations
    • BSL 1, 2, and 3 laboratory operations
    • ABSL 1, 2, and 3 animal facility (vivarium) operations
  • Ergonomics Assessments
    • Office
    • Laboratory
    • Manufacturing
  • Laser and Non-Ionizing Radiation
    • Exposure assessments
    • Registration and licensing
  • Construction Safety Support
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
    • BSL2, BSL3, ABSL2, ABSL3

Run a Successful Industrial Hygiene Program

An industrial hygiene program that is risk- and compliance-based and has clearly established goals will assist in keeping your workers safe. Our experienced team can set you up for success – contact us today for more details on our industrial hygiene services.

Industrial hygienist working on machinery

Webinar: Planning and Executing a Successful Industrial Hygiene Program

Best practices to implement and manage a well-designed program to protect your employees' health and safety.

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