EHS Expertise and Onsite Waste Management

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 EHSOne® is a revolutionary way to systematically manage and improve your environmental, health, and safety (EHS) program and overall operational culture. It’s an EHS industry first, providing a new model of on-site waste management centered on unified program management. Our approach involves embedding top EHS professionals at your facility to manage on-site hazardous materials disposal—while offering widespread EHS support that is both compliant and efficient.

Our EHSOne® enterprise-scale program provides a holistic approach that improves waste disposal operations, boosts a client’s overall environmental posture, and supports a culture of safety across an entire organization.

EHS Program Management for Your Needs

What makes EHSOne® unique? It provides: 

  • Professional teams with deep subject matter expertise and EHS knowledge
  • Efficient, coordinated communication
  • Long-term, sustainable EHS compliance and certification
  • Commitment to the client's overall EHS success
  • Base support for environmental, social, governance (ESG) programs

Focus on Core Operations

Our EHS professionals systematically manage the EHS program—freeing managers and team members to focus on their high-level priorities and the growth of the program’s competencies. EHSOne® also provides direct access to Triumvirate Environmental’s wealth of on-site operations muscle and savvy—as well as its sophisticated regulatory and compliance expertise.

Power of Simplicity

All clients that participate in the EHSOne® program also realize immediate administrative benefits. All EHSOne® customers enjoy one service experience—with a single contract to streamline vendor relationships. The result: a robust, integrated, and custom partnership that meets an organization’s unique needs and achieves management’s vision for success.

Outstanding Teams, Coordination, and Communications

Triumvirate Environmental’s dedicated EHSOne® lead ensures systematic EHS program delivery via proactive communications with all stakeholders. All leads and their support teams also work with clients to shape goals, create key performance indicators (KPIs), and define program requirements. They also have utilization access to innovative EHS software tools, including ADVISETM, EHSLearnTM, and chemical inventory management software.


Full EHS Partners

With proven safety processes, innovative technology, and our network of experienced professionals, Triumvirate Environmental’s team enables systematic, measurable EHS compliance for an organization. Utilize ONE team for all of your EHS needs.

We manage EHS programs—so clients can focus on core business goals. Call us at 866-695-6050 or fill out the form below to learn more about EHSOne®.

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