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Lab Pack

Lab Pack Disposal

Lab packing is the safest and most compliant method to remove a variety of lab chemicals at one time. When handling various chemicals, solvents, and wastes with risks of reaction, it’s important to work with a highly experienced partner, like Triumvirate Environmental, with a track record of safety and compliance.

Our highly trained and experienced lab pack experts will help you stay safe and comply with all federal, state, and local regulations throughout the entire lab pack management process:

  • Minimize
  • Collect
  • Identify
  • Characterize
  • Package
  • Label
  • Transport
  • Dispose

Lab Pack Disposal for Various Industries

  • Life Sciences
  • Biotech
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Research Laboratories
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing

Common Lab Pack Materials

  • RCRA Chemicals
  • Non-Hazardous Chemicals
  • Acids, Bases & Reagents
  • Solvents
  • Reactive Materials
  • Mixed Waste
  • Aerosols & Compressed Gases
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting Agents
  • Inks, Dyes, Paints, Paint Thinners & Varnish Strippers


  • Toxic, Flammable, Corrosive, Pyrophoric & Explosive Materials
  • Oxidizers
  • Organic Peroxides
  • Universal Waste
  • DEA Substances
  • TSCA Chemicals
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Sodium Azide
  • Unknown Chemicals

Lab Pack for Lab Moves

Closing, decommissioning, or moving a lab? Our lab pack services make lab moves easy, fast, safe, and compliant.

Lab Pack Disposal Service

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