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Industrial Waste Management


EHS & Waste Management Solutions for Manufacturing

Our holistic industrial waste management solutions can help you with everything from hazardous waste disposal to full-service onsite environmental services. Our EHS consulting specialists will find turnkey solutions for your facility.

A Tailored Program That Fits Your Company

Industrial manufacturing operations need to stay cost competitive while they also keep employees safe and comply with federal, state, and local regulations. Triumvirate takes a holistic approach supporting industrial waste generators. With onsite turnkey waste management programs, we help manufacturers minimize hazardous and non-hazardous waste, identify recycling solutions, and find lower cost waste disposal alternatives, all while keeping you safe and compliant.

Deep Expertise in Industrial Operations

For more than 30 years, we’ve helped industrial and manufacturing companies with cost-effective waste management strategies, sustainability programs, and compliance solutions. Our environmental, health, and safety experts specialize and train by industry, so they understand the complex challenges to waste-generating manufacturing operations.

We take pride in the work we do for industrial and manufacturing companies and the partnerships we build with them. Read what some of these customers are saying about their experiences with us.

We're More Than Capable

Our service capabilities are broad and deep, including turnkey onsite hazardous waste management, recycling strategies, EHS consulting, facility decontamination, lab closures and moves, chemical inventory management, emergency response, and more. We make it simple and affordable for manufacturers to stay safe, productive, compliant, and sustainable.
Waste Management & Disposal
We use the most advanced software, technologies, and equipment to take a comprehensive approach to waste disposal. We’ll help you minimize waste, improve EHS compliance, and reduce costs.
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EHS Consulting Services
Highly experienced environmental, health, and safety consultants deliver support services to fit your organization’s needs — from full-service turnkey EHS programs, to staff augmentation, to site-specific EHS projects.
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Lab & Facility Services
Our team of experts has been delivering lab services and facility services for more than 30 years. We keep your company compliant, safe, and productive.
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Other Industries We Serve

Life Sciences
We offer a broad range of customizable environmental services that keep pharma and biotech companies safe and compliant, allowing them to focus on research and development.
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Responsible hospitals look to us to cost-effectively manage medical and hazardous waste. Our Red2Green program uses recycled medical waste to produce plastic lumber.
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For 30 years we’ve provided waste management and EHS support to top colleges and universities. We help keep their campuses safe and compliant.
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Have questions about our services? Our highly responsive sales and customer service teams are here to help.