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Our comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) solutions are designed to help businesses across life sciences, healthcare, education, and other industrial sectors achieve and maintain compliance with ever-evolving regulations. By partnering with Triumvirate, you gain access to a team of highly qualified EHS professionals who are dedicated to optimizing your operations and ensuring workplace safety— including reporting, operational compliance, sustainability, and everything in between.

Discover how our EHS consulting services can minimize risks, enhance sustainability, and drive business efficiency. Visit our page to learn more about how our EHS consulting services can transform your approach to environmental health and safety.

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EHSOne: Onsite EHS Managed Services
This flagship service is a unique delivery model combining professional services and onsite waste management to oversee your complete EHS program.
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EHS Audits
EHS Audits

We customize EHS assessments, gap analyses, risk assessments, and more to prepare you for regulatory audits or simply stay safe and compliant.

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EHS Support and Staff Augmentation
EHS Operational Support & Staff Augmentation

From holistic turnkey EHS programs to special EHS projects, we support your EHS needs with the most experienced and educated consultants in the industry.

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EHS Plans & Permits
EHS Plans & Permits

EHS planning and permitting experts help you navigate federal, state, and local regulations and keep plans and permits on schedule and on budget.

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Compliance Reporting
EHS Compliance Reporting

Our EHS consultants help you identify and complete reporting needs to keep you compliant with federal, state, and local regulations.

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Biosafety Consulting & Services
Our biosafety consultants deliver expert guidance to organizations from the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside; whether your facility is an incubator space or a biologics manufacturing facility.
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lab sust
Lab Sustainability
In a world that is continually, increasingly demanding sustainability from organizations, Triumvirate Environmental is here to help labs across the country reach their sustainability goals.

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Perimeter Air Monitoring
With our expertise and proprietary GreenlightTM System, we provide accurate information to help our clients maintain compliance and optimize project outcomes.

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Industrial Hygiene
Our Certified Industrial Hygienists and highly trained environmental consultants provide expertise and support to help you create and maintain a successful industrial hygiene program.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are EHS consulting services?

When you partner with Triumvirate Environmental for EHS consulting services, you get access to the best minds in the industry. Whether you need help with regulatory reporting, operational compliance, sustainability, or something else, our experts can provide the guidance and know-how to help you succeed.

Why is EHS compliance important for my business?

There are many reasons why EHS compliance is important for your business. Close observation of all relevant regulatory requirements means a safer workforce, better brand image, increased employee retention, more innovative and up-to-date practices, and more. Not only that, but it helps you avoid hefty noncompliance fines.

What types of industries need EHS consulting?

All industries can benefit from EHS consulting. Triumvirate Environmental specializes in the life sciences, healthcare, higher education, and other industrial sectors, and has vast experience across a wide swath of niches. 

How can EHS consultants help reduce workplace accidents?

Everything EHS consultants do is designed with safety in mind. While you worry about daily tasks, normal operations, and core competencies, a dedicated EHS consultant is focusing on maximizing safety in all aspects. With you free to focus, a dedicated and experienced consultant can implement best practices changes, advice on safety concerns and mitigation strategies, and set in motion a safety plan at your facility that reduces accidents and improves organizational posture—including through training, planning and permitting, auditing, waste management, and more. 

What should I look for in an EHS consultant?

A qualified and competent EHS consultant is one with vast experience in your specific industry and with companies similar to yours with comparable practices. While each organization is unique, a good EHS consultant can use this knowledge–along with the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t–to craft a plan that works for you and exceeds all requirements. The best way to find this specific EHS consultant is by working with a vendor partner who is deeply ingrained in the industry and has a bounty of dedicated and specialized EHS consultants on staff. 

Can EHS consulting help reduce my company's environmental impact?

EHS consulting can help reduce a company’s environmental impact. Highly trained EHS consultants can work with your team, at your facility, to analyze which practices could be improved with green initiatives. Then, these EHS consultants can provide not only proven best practices but also cutting-edge, tailored solutions that take your organization to the highest level of operational sustainability. 

How often should we update our EHS policies?

The EHS policy update process will vary from organization to organization or even from facility to facility. It is best to work with an EHS consultant who can analyze what is currently being done and suggest improvements into the future. 

What is involved in an EHS risk assessment?

An EHS risk assessment is a formal process that includes analysis of potential risks throughout a worksite, facility, or organization. It involves working closely with an EHS consultant to look thoroughly at all aspects of operations and determine what potential hazards are lurking. This could be in regards to chemical exposure, respiratory hazards, fire, heavy machinery, and more. Then, the assessment team and the EHS consultant should identify controls and mitigation techniques to lower risk, company-wide.  

Can EHS consulting services help with ISO certifications?

A good EHS consultant is well-versed in ISO and other standards; utilizing EHS consulting services can help organizations meet the standards for certification.

What is the return on investment (ROI) for engaging in EHS consulting services?

Companies that utilize EHS consulting services see increased ROI over time. EHS consultants can work with your internal teams to identify areas where spend isn’t optimized and cut the waste.

5 Reasons to Work with an EHS Partner

Focus on your core business while leaving EHS programs to an
experienced partner.

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