Real-Time Perimeter Air Monitoring

The GreenlightTM Difference

Construction, remediation, demolition, and other sites often require real-time air monitoring to measure chemical contaminants and physical hazards. With our expertise and proprietary GreenlightTM System, we provide accurate information to help our clients maintain compliance and optimize project outcomes.

GreenlightTM is a computer-based collection system that uses wireless telemetry to transmit real-time data to a cloud server. The server hosts a project-specific database, and a web-based user interface provides intuitive, responsive, and secure features to manage the monitoring conducted at your project site. The real-time user interface provides graphical displays, performs alarm calculations and notifications, and produces summary reports. The system's 99.5% uptime reduces project downtime while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Housed in a rugged waterproof case designed for outdoor operation, a GreenlightTM field station contains direct-reading instruments based on site-specific requirements and an RTU Communications Controller. The system integrates wind-direction data with environmental measurements, enabling the system to identify real-time values of upwind levels of environmental measurements and then calculate adjusted downwind levels. This robust approach allows the project to maintain operations regardless of wind direction, and eliminates the need for field personnel to manually assess the prevailing wind direction and relocate monitoring stations.

System Features

  • Web-based, real-time (no software required) environmental monitoring system
  • Industry standard devices combined with innovative proprietary technology to fulfill project demands
  • Readings and alarms in real time, no data lag
  • Alerts communicated via dashboard, text message, and email
  • Site-specific reports providing all necessary data requirements
  • Compatibility with over 25 devices (TSI, RAE, Instantel, Vaisala, Arizona Instruments, Larson Davis, and more)
  • Customizable for more intricate requirements
  • User interface optimized for smartphones
  • Ability to add additional instrumentation to the system
  • GPS-enabled technology in each station
  • Logging feature to document alarm levels, upload pictures, and save to the database
  • Flexible power options, including solar power
  • System arrives fully tested and ready to go when delivered to your project site

Air Monitoring Support Services

Triumvirate Environmental offers the following professional services associated with the configuration and deployment of the GreenlightTM system:

  • Operational staffing: We can provide experienced technicians who are qualified in all aspects of air monitoring, including the use of hand-held detectors, analytical sample collection, and report writing. Alternatively, we can train your staff to operate the system.
  • Baseline air monitoring study: Before soil-disturbing work takes place, we can evaluate background levels of environmental parameters to establish baseline values at the site. Our experts will monitor the environmental data and issue a summary report at the conclusion of the study.
  • Air monitoring plan writing: We are experienced at preparing perimeter air monitoring plans (PAMPs) and Community Air Monitoring Plans (CAMPs), which are often required by regulatory authorities for hazardous waste remediation projects. These plans include a conceptual site model, review of soil sampling results, and a summary of the hazardous substances of interest for air quality, calculations of real-time action levels, and specifications of confirmatory analytical sampling to be conducted.
  • Engineering site review: Ideal for large-scale projects or sites with complex terrain or layout, this review examines project conditions and infrastructure in order to determine the optimal location of field monitoring stations, possible use of electric power, connections to your IT networks, and other matters relating to the configuration of the air monitoring system at the site.
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