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Lab & Facility Services

Experience matters when it comes to lab and facility services. We have the best problem solvers in the industry and the flexibility to manage the most difficult projects. Our team is highly educated, trained, and qualified to solve your environmental challenges.

EHSOne: Onsite EHS Managed Services
This flagship service is a unique delivery model combining professional services and onsite waste management to oversee your complete EHS program.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Decontamination & Support Services

As businesses and higher education institutions plan to reopen, we are helping these organizations assess risk, prepare workspaces, and operate safely. 

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Emergency Response

24-hour emergency response for chemical spills and hazardous material releases. Emergency preparedness plans and training.

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Biological Decontamination Services

Routine and as-needed decontamination and mold removal for laboratories, incubators, cold rooms, biosafety cabinets, and fume hoods.

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Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Certification & Decontamination

Triumvirate offers expertise in biological decontamination services and performs NSF/ANSI 49 standard biological cabinet testing and certifications for all cabinet types. 

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Lab Moves

Lab decontamination, closure, and relocation. Identify, package, and safely move chemicals, hazardous waste, and biological materials.

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Chemical Inventory Management
With our expertise and cloud-based software, we can design, implement, and support all aspects of your chemical inventory program.
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Facility Cleanup, Decontamination & Closure

EHS expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to make facility cleanup and decontamination easy and cost-effective.

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Remediation Services

Testing, disposal, and remediation solutions for PCBs and other contamination challenges.

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Vacuum Truck Services

Collection, transportation, and disposal of liquid, solid, and sludge wastes. Cleanout of tanks, pits, lines, oil/water separators, catch basins, and more.

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Wastewater Services

Design, permitting, installation, operation, and maintenance of laboratory wastewater systems.

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Tank Services

Tank inspection, testing, permitting, cleanout, and disposal services for aboveground (AST) and underground (UST) storage tanks.

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Preventive Maintenance

Routine maintenance, inspections, cleanouts, and assessments to keep your labs and facilities operational, safe, and compliant.

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Are You Prepared for an EHS Emergency?

Expert answers to top emergency response questions.

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Waste Management & Disposal

Comprehensive and holistic approach to waste management. Minimize waste, improve compliance, and reduce costs.

EHS Consulting

Turnkey environmental, health, and safety programs, staff augmentation, and à la carte EHS support services to keep organizations compliant, safe, and sustainable.