Industrial Waste Recycling & Sustainability

Industrial Waste Recycling & Sustainability

Sustainable business practices are no longer an option for modern companies—they're a requirement. Even when responding to an operational crisis, a company that ignores environmental impact may face far-reaching consequences—including brand damage and regulatory fines. Across all operational sectors, managers must ensure all activities factor in the principles of energy conservation and demonstrably sustainable outcomes. This preserves the company brand and reputation, while also protecting customers and the environment. Contact us today.

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Industrial Waste Recycling Solutions That Make an Impact

Triumvirate Environmental offers industrial waste recycling solutions that can save your company thousands of dollars annually. Our recycling and sustainability experts will assess your waste streams and recommend cost-effective solutions that can:

  • Eliminate, divert, or reduce your waste
  • Recycle your waste for valuable use
  • Reduce the cost of managing and disposing waste
  • Limit your landfill waste
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve your corporate image

Brochure: Red2Green Regulated Medical Waste Recycling

Our sustainable, cost-effective solution for regulated medical waste.


Are you a lab looking to reach your sustainability goals, including more eco-friendly waste management and disposal?

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What Is Industrial Waste Recycling?

In virtually any industry, business operations can generate great volumes of waste. It may be simple plastic and paper trash, or complex and toxic chemicals and solvents. However, industrial waste recycling processes can renew these used substances and give them a second and useful life. This recycling process takes old, used, or discarded substances and turns them into valuable products, increasing their ROI and usefulness. Today, with many recycling options, it’s easier than ever to enable your industrial wastes to contribute to the circular economy.

Examples of Industrial Waste

  • Regulated lab and medical wastes (pipette tips, gloves, petri dishes, etc.)

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Excess, expired, or used chemicals/solvents

  • Exhausted fuels

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Ways We Recycle Industrial Waste

Our industrial waste recycling capabilities keep 20% of our clients’ waste out of landfills and incinerators. Our industrial waste recycling capabilities include: 

  • Fuel blending

  • Zero landfill

  • Waste minimization and diversion

  • Waste assessments and sitewalks

  • Solvent recycling

  • Source reduction

  • Waste recycling & reuse

  • Red2Green program (conversion of medical waste to plastic lumber)

  • Plastics recovery

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Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Solutions

Whether you are facing an environmental audit or you want to minimize your waste streams, our EHS specialists can help you achieve your sustainability goals. We provide turnkey environmental services for the health and safety of your company, employees, and community. Our environmental compliance and sustainability solutions include:

Helping You Create a Circular Economy

Did you know that Triumvirate Environmental offers in-house plastic waste recycling solutions? We can transform your regulated plastic waste into BestPLUS plastic lumber—reusing this valuable material while helping you not only maximize ROI, but contribute to a circular economy as well.

Learn more on the BestPLUS website.

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