EHS Services for Cannabis Enterprises

EHS Compliance Programs for Cannabis Enterprises

An integral part of operating your cannabis business is establishing a plan to efficiently comply with the regulations for properly disposing of your cannabis waste. Not sure where to start? Triumvirate can help create a customized program for recycling or disposing of your waste and achieving compliance. Based on your needs, we can assist with:

  • Emergency Action and Hazard Communication Plans
  • Respiratory Protection and Medical Surveillance
  • Waste management and disposal programs
  • Flammable storage permits
  • Wastewater and air emissions permits
  • CCC waivers and registrations
  • Safety, planning, and management training
  • OSHA and EPA programs/plans
  • And more

Cannabis Waste Disposal

Cannabis waste is considered a “special regulated waste," which means it must be stored, handled, transported, processed and tracked in compliance with state regulations. Triumvirate ensures compliance during every cannabis waste service, protecting the security of your license. We offer effective and reliable cannabis waste disposal solutions for all areas of the cannabis industry. Cultivators, distributors, dispensaries, and labs can all trust our knowledgeable hazardous waste staff with the proper management of their cannabis and hemp waste.

Cannabis waste can include any material that has come in contact with cannabis during the cultivation, production, manufacturing, or retail process. Some examples are:

  • Cartridges
  • Solvent and gas collection and disposal
  • Expired or unused edibles
  • Unused oils and extracts
  • Unused cannabis
  • Harvested plants
  • Trimmings
  • Packaging
  • Unused hemp
Our team will work with you to develop a successful waste management program and collection schedule. Triumvirate will provide a manifest and track your waste to its final disposal destination. With a site-specific cannabis waste disposal plan, your business will meet all applicable local, state, and federal requirements. We aim to help cannabis professionals manage their waste in a highly regulated market.

Our Customized Services for the Cannabis Industry

Understanding that cannabis growers, cultivators, and distributors face unique compliance challenges, our experts can help you navigate federal and state regulations, manage
your hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams, and ensure your facility runs safely and compliantly. We offer various services tailored to the cannabis industry, including:

  • EHS compliance oversight
  • Onsite waste collection, consolidation, and drum waste disposal
  • Respirator fit testing and training for cannabis facilities
  • Recycling and sustainability services
  • Waste transportation and disposal (hazardous, non-hazardous, universal), including trim and contaminated soils
  • Proper disposal under Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) regulatory requirements
  • Cannabis testing laboratory chemical packing and relocation
  • New site or additional site EHS permitting
  • And more
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