Case Study

Eliminating EHS Woes for an API Manufacturer

New Program Keeps Employees in the Lab, Not Handling Hazardous Waste

The Challenge

An active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturer that handles thousands of different chemicals to produce more than 100 products was putting enormous pressure on its lab staff to manage the EHS program while balancing their primary responsibilities. More than 200 lab personnel were assisting with the waste program, and these employees were required to not only work on their tasks in the lab but also to transport waste to the main accumulation area and pour off bulk liquids. This took valuable time away from manufacturing work and exposed the facility to EHS risks and errors by having too many people involved.

As new chemical products were constantly being added to the manufacturing line with little advanced notice, the company needed a solution that enabled efficient waste management and adequate staffing. Additional challenges included how to best handle employee hazard assessments; waste disposal characterization; and understanding the material handling impacts on the site.

Triumvirate Environmental's Solution

The API manufacturer partnered with our Triumvirate Environmental team to help transform its EHS program. We were given 45 days to transition the program from being managed by lab staff to being managed by our hazardous waste experts. We approached this challenge by leveraging our team model of having the point person from each of our service lines tour the company’s facilities and meet with key stakeholders to understand their expectations. After multiple visits and site assessments, we customized a plan that would meet the unique demands of an API manufacturer. This included a scalability plan based on its anticipated growth and increasing product portfolio.

From a staffing standpoint, we dedicate a full-time environmental specialist to the site to take the pressure off the lab staff and allow them to focus on their work. As an extension of the EHS department in the laboratory and manufacturing area, we handle numerous responsibilities, including collection, consolidation, packaging, and shipping of hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, regulated medical waste, and bulk liquid disposal. We also inspect accumulation areas, provide trainings, and assist with permitting to ensure regulatory compliance.

The Business Impact

As a result of the new waste program we implemented, the API manufacturer’s EHS team has been able to use the time saved to focus on building a world-class EHS program. The company has since passed multiple regulatory audits specific to the waste program. Upon review of the laboratory wages, Triumvirate’s rates have led to immediate economic savings. In addition, before partnering with us, hundreds of employees who were consolidating waste needed to keep current with the respiratory program requirements. By having our staff handle the waste program, each employee of the API manufacturer can redirect his or her time spent on the waste program to working in the lab to meet the demands of their end customers.


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