6 Indicators That Your Organization Needs Onsite Environmental Services

Managing your site’s hazardous waste and biowaste programs may not be the most glamorous assignment at your site; however, these heavily regulated programs can be costly and present significant safety and regulatory risk if not managed correctly. Triumvirate Environmental's Onsite Support Services (OSS) are designed to transfer the burden of managing these programs from your team to our highly trained and experienced staff. Continue reading to learn key indicators that your site would benefit from OSS, and what types of solutions we can provide.

1. Difficulty Hiring Qualified Individuals

If your organization is struggling to find and keep highly qualified waste management specialists and compliance experts, you may find it difficult to maintain organized environmental, health, sand safety programs, systems, and SOPs that are essential to keeping your research on track. Our OSS experts can design and manage programs to keep your operations running smoothly, including keeping track of site-specific regulations, coordinating waste pick ups, managing shipment schedules and procedures, and overseeing regulatory inspections. Triumvirate’s onsite programs are designed to integrate into your organizations culture and systems. Our teams will work closely to not only manage the day-to-day responsibilities of running a hazardous waste program, but also to integrate into your business operations to optimize the performance of the waste program. With OSS, you can spend less time and resources hiring, training, and retaining staff and feel confident that your EHS programs are in good hands.

2. Increasing Waste Management & Disposal Costs

Waste management is expensive, especially when you are not quite sure where your waste streams end up. When you partner with Triumvirate Environmental, you can trust that you are spending your money in the right places. We ensure full transparency and provide comprehensive budget breakdowns, including where each dollar is being spent, how team members are spending their time on site, and how your waste streams are being treated. Our Environmental Specialists will help you reduce costs through implementing waste minimization strategies, recycling, and diversion of waste streams to more efficient and sustainable disposal options. OSS can be customized to your organization's needs--we can even absorb your chemical inventory and other components of your facility to eliminate the need for additional contracts with separate costs.

3. New Sustainability Goals

As more and more organizations develop strategic sustainability goals, there is a greater organizational spotlight on regulated waste programs. However, given the regulated nature of hazardous waste and biowaste programs, reducing waste and finding more sustainable treatment options can be very challenging. Our OSS team will implement programs and systems designed to meet your sustainability goals. We will assess your current waste strategies to provide detailed insights on what wastes your operation generates and how much, how they should be classified, your current treatment methods, and solutions to convert your waste streams to more environmentally-friendly treatment options. As your partner, Triumvirate Environmental will ensure transparent communication regarding treatment technologies, waste streams, and budgets every step of the way, from initial inspections, to delivering findings, to suggesting corrections.

4. Growing Facility Footprint

If your company is quickly expanding and taking on more research, don't let your growing operations slow you down! With more research comes more waste generation, programs to manage, and SOPs to implement. A partnership with Triumvirate Environmental's OSS experts ensures your environmental programs run safely and compliantly, and efficiently scale with your business. We can help you manage on-going processes and waste disposal efficiently so you have the time and resources to conduct more research. If you need new programs designed to meet your growing needs, your team of OSS experts can implement and run the program start to finish so you can focus on reaching your core business goals and have peace of mind that your EHS operations are running smoothly.

5. Increasing Responsibilities for Operations Team

Is your operations team juggling multiple daily responsibilities? If your team is overwhelmed, it is easy for things to slip through the cracks, which can result in more spills or accidents, regulatory compliance gaps, or slowing down of operations. By offloading a significant portion of those tasks, such as waste disposal, hazardous waste management, and sustainability program optimization, to a team of Triumvirate's experts, your operations team will have time to handle what matters most. We will continue to adjust to your changing scope of work and absorb all that you need. Our OSS are comprehensive EHS experts with over 150 hours of training each and can evolve to help you as much as you need to relieve pressure and stress throughout your EHS department.

6. Regulatory Compliance Gaps

Meeting regulatory compliance standards is a significant goal of EHS programs. With changing regulations and limited EHS compliance expertise, many companies look to EHS partners like Triumvirate for help. Our OSS specialists can assist your organization by overseeing inspections, managing inspection data, tracking regulatory requirements that are specific to your site, and ensuring that you are up to date with compliance reporting. Additionally, OSS provides access to Triumvirate's web-based software service, ADVISE™, which is designed to make hazardous waste compliance management easy and stress-free. With our help, you can feel confident in your compliance, whether you are preparing for an audit or assessing your operation for regulatory gaps.

A partnership with Triumvirate Environmental for onsite environmental services is customizable and designed to evolve with your company. To learn more about how we can help you focus on what you do best, click below or call 617-715-9055 to speak to an expert about your waste management needs.

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