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Written by Marc Songini

Marc Songini is a career communicator and marketing specialist. In his 20 years-plus career, he has been a journalist, author, and content manager for a variety of publications and companies, primarily in the biotechnology and information technology fields.

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Decontamination, Chemical, Biological Safety Cabinet

Defeating BSC Contamination: Launching a Program in Your Facility

As many lab and production managers know, biological safety cabinet (BSC) contamination is a relentless challenge. Fortunately, there are proven and reliable means to combat it and keep your appliances safe, compliant, and running in top order.
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Chemical, Chemicals, Chemical Inventory, Chemical Safety

On-Site Chemical Inventory Management Programs Done Right

Successful chemical inventory management and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) solution implementation can be a major challenge for any organization. Luckily, there are proven methodologies and technologies...

EHS Management, EHS Program, EHSOne

Why Traditional EHS Approaches Won't Succeed

The environmental, health, and safety (EHS) industry is changing rapidly and profoundly, with tougher requirements, new metrics, and greater responsibilities. In a world changed by COVID-19 and the...

Hazardous Waste Program, Hazardous Waste, Asbestos, Superfund

Billions of $$ for Hazmat Remediation Projects Nationwide

The United States faces a constant barrage of potentially dangerous hazardous material-driven events: one of the most recentbeing a New Jersey fire in a one-time industrial facility. Add to that, the...

Sustainability, Environmental Health and Safety, EHS, Facility Maintenance, EHS Outsourcing, EHS Program

Industrial Sustainability Is Smart Business: Are You Achieving Your Goals?

As an industrial operations or facility manager, how do you feel your company’s sustainability programs rate compared to those of your competitors or similar organizations? Does your company even...

Compliance, Laboratories, EHS Outsourcing, EHS Management

7 Key Benefits EHS Providers Should Offer Life Sciences Startups

As a facility/operations manager, lab manager, or CEO for a startup life sciences company, you face many environmental, health, and safety (EHS) challenges. You need to protect your employees and the...

Sustainability, Recycling, Life Sciences

Sustainability and Cost-Cutting Efforts for Single-Use Biopharma Plastics

As a biopharmaceutical operations manager, have you recently reviewed your corporate single-use plastics use and disposal policy? Such single-use products, including bioreactors and pipettes, reduce...
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