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Written by Mark Campanale

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blue wrap, recycling for hospitals

The Myths and Truths About Waste Recycling

by Shane Zuffante and Brian Ryerson
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blue wrap, recycling for hospitals

Blue is the New Green for Hospital Waste Management

by Shane Zuffante, Healthcare Account Manager

chemicals down the drain, drugs in drinking water

Healthcare Drain Disposal: A cost-savings, but at what cost?

by Tom Goss, Recycling Strategist

Disposing of Sodium Azide Solutions: Health Cautions

By Tom Goss, Recycling Strategist

Chemotherapy – What you don’t know might hurt you

Written By Matt Bauer, Marketing Intern Chemotherapy treatment has been responsible for saving the lives of millions of cancer patients, but this same treatment may be killing those that administer...

hazardous waste disposal, hazardous waste, waste, lab pack, ship waste, non-bulk waste shipping, n.o.s., not otherwise specified, lab packing, shipping waste, bulk shipping

Are You Familiar with lab packs?

By Steve Todisco, Senior Healthcare Account Manager

contamination, hazardous waste, EPA, universal waste, pharmaceuticals, federal EPA, prescribed pills in our water supply, hazardous waste company, solid waste regulations, waste regulations, contamination in the drinking water

Prescribed Pills in our Water Supply

By Damien Crawford, Technical Service Representative, Triumvirate Environmental Somerville

disposal, hazardous waste, DEA, drug disposal, Drugs, Drug Enforcement Agency, proper disposal, disposal of drugs, DEA materials, DEA regulated chemical, Controlled Substances Act of 1970, Controlled Substances Act, 21 CFR 1201/72, DEA drugs, proper disposal of DEA regulated materials, dispose, environmental advisor, Office of Diversion Control

Do you know your Drugs?

By Kate Carpenter, TRS, Triumvirate Environmental Somerville

Environmental Health and Safety, Triumvirate Environmental, eh&s, chemical movers, chemical move, expert chemical movers

Expert Chemical Movers

By Dennis Colarusso, Director of Operations, Triumvirate Environmental Somerville

Main Accumulation Area, environmental programs, hazardous waste, waste, non-hazardous waste, Onsite Support, regulations, hazardous waste regulations, evolution, environmental industry, hazardous waste service provider, lab generated waste, plant generated waste, clinical lab generated waste, labs, laboratories, Onsite Support Services, has this been in compliance since its inception?, hazardous waste program

The Evolution of Onsite Support Services

From the Loading Dock to the Lab 
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