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Written by Pat Doyle

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remediation projects, Field Services, mold remediation

You Might Have Mold: 4 Most Common Lab Molds and Where They Live

It’s not uncommon to group molds into very broad categories like “common mold” or “black mold”. This fails to address the reality that molds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and pathogenic qualities. This failure to address the differences in molds or even...
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5 Ways to Ensure Your Radiation Exposure PPE Is Up to Snuff

Is Compliance Worth It? New OSHA Fines Point Even More Urgently Towards “Yes”

Many businesses view the issue of compliance as merely a nuisance, and the fines that result simply as the cost of doing business. However, in a couple of weeks, this “cost of doing business” is...

EPA, compliance, pharmaceutical waste

Here’s How the Latest Regulation from the EPA Will Affect Your Pharmaceutical Disposal Practices

The EPA made waves last year by putting forth Subpart P of 40 CFR 266 in order to better regulate the disposal of solid pharmaceutical wastes that are often improperly disposed of “down the...

How to Make Your Satellite Hazardous Waste Accumulation Areas Work for You

Setting up a series of satellite hazardous waste accumulation areas (SAAs) is a great way to maximize efficiency at your business while helping to cut down on the regulatory red tape associated...


A Comprehensive Walkthrough of OSHA's New Online Injury Reporting Site

As part of OSHA’s recent drive to make injury reporting easier for employers, the organization has recently rolled out a streamlined website that allows an injury report to be filed in a matter of...

EHS compliance, EHS management

What Do the Patriots Have in Common With Your Biotech Start-Up's EH&S Operations?

Think about this: The Patriots special teams comes onto the field after the coin toss to kick off against the Broncos. Then, for the first play of the game, the Raiders defense comes out for a...

How to Avoid the Solvent Buying Money Pit by Starting a Chemical Recycling Program

Recycling and saving money are often two of the highest priorities for EH&S departments at any institution. When it seems like every option for cutting costs has been exhausted, it can be tough to...

lab chemicals, lab safety, chemical inventory

Protect Yourself and Your Employees by Finding the Right Caps for Your Chemical Bottles

It's common for bottles to over-pressurize, break and spill in labs causing emergency response situations, endangering employees and costing organizations money. Even plastic or cardboard...


F006 Isn't Just About Electroplating, Here's Why You Should Double Check the Rule to Ensure Compliance

The RCRA  F006 rule provides a list of exceptions to wastewater treatment sludge from electroplating operations (40 CFR 260.11). The list exempts sulfuric acid anodizing or tin-plating of steel,...
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