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Written by Steve Barone

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10 OSHA Standards for Higher Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

EH&S, Facilities, and Maintenance professionals at higher education institutions must comply with OSHA to ensure that their campus is a safe working and learning environment for students and employees alike.
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25 Tips for EH&S Success

The duties of an EH&S professional can vary greatly depending on the size and nature of their organization; however, success is usually defined using similar variables, such as compliance,...

Leveraging Shared Lab Space for Life Science Success

Startup life science and biotech organizations face many barriers on their journey to success, discovery, and growth. Finding the right work space doesn’t need to be one of those barriers. Shared...


Storm Water Sampling: Why Mid-Year is the Best Time to Test

All organizations that operate industrial storm water systems have sampling requirements that are dependent on their category within the Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP). The MSGP, which is...

OSHA, OSHA Standards

10 OSHA Standards for Industrial Companies

Industrial companies must comply with OSHA standards - not only to mitigate risk of regulatory penalties - but also to make certain that their facilities and operating processes don't present a...

OSHA, Life Sciences

10 OSHA Standards for Life Sciences [INFOGRAPHIC]

Environmental Health and Safety, Chemical Safety, Life Sciences

Understanding the EH&S Dangers of Sodium Azide

Sodium azide can be an extreme chemical safety hazard when released into a facility’s plumbing infrastructure. Many healthcare institutions and life science organizations have hemostatis systems...


Protecting Brands with Safe, Compliant Device and Drug Disposal

What’s in a name? What’s in a brand? To some – everything. For innovative medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, a well-known brand can be the difference between booming...

Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater

Benefits of Automated Wastewater Pretreatment (FAIWPS)

A Fully-Automated Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment System is equipped with controls to initiate, conduct, and complete treatment processes automatically based on predetermined parameters and...


An EH&S Compliance Guide for the Busy Executive

Besides the bottom line, what keeps you up at night? Do you worry about the safety of your employees? Are you uncertain about passing a state or federal agency inspection? Will a compliance...
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