Safety and Security in Healthcare

By Steve Todisco, HEM, CHMM, Senior Healthcare Account Manager

I got the opportunity to partake in a large event this week which involved fundraising for the IAHSS - (International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety). I am close friends with one of the regional chairs for this organization. I wanted to take a minute to blog about the importance in spending time and resources in choosing your staff when it comes to healthcare safety and security.

Sometimes professionals in this area get a bad rap. It is often thought by the general public that they are security guards similar to what you would see at the mall. I would like to make sure that everyone is aware that not only do these professionals provide a unprecedented amount actual security for their hospital, but they also complete functions known to the rest of the world as things like Environmental Health and Safety, Hazardous Waste Operations, Training Coordinators, Hazardous Waste specialists in regard to pickups, inspections, maintenance, chemical consolidation, and program management.

In this day and age many people wear multiple hats, but these individuals who focus on keeping our healthcare organizations safe also have the added burden of maintaining federal, state, and local compliance with all of our cumbersome hazardous waste regulations. These regulations especially in healthcare play a particular role in areas such as pharmaceutical waste management and also the joint commission and their accreditation process allowing hospitals to keep their doors open to the communities they serve.

Having individuals properly trained in your organization to manage these programs is a difficult process to manage and keep up to date, and these individuals who are involved in their organizations success as it pertains both to safety and compliance deserve a large WOW! As the folks here at Triumvirate would say.

Thank you to these individuals for the services that they provide not only to their organizations, but also for the services that they provide to me and mine.